Our precedent

First: factories

• Alexandria Sugar Factory
• Nile Sugar Factory
• Delta Sugar Factory
• Sama Foodstuff Factory
• Nefertari Factory, Burj Al Arab
• Dimond Food Industries Factory
• Chipsy Factory
• Chipsy stores
• Camara plant

Second: Hospitals

• French Palace Aini Hospital
• Al-Hadra Hospital, Alexandria
• Capital Hospital, Sharkia
• Al-Hadaba Oasis Hospital
• Benha Children's Hospital
• Nariman Hospital
• El Alamein Hospital
• Matrouh Hospital
• Marina Hospital

Third: companies

• United Pharmaceutical Company
• M T Pharmaceutical Company
• The Egyptian Drilling Company
• Sumed Petroleum Company
• Dimond Foodstuff Company
• Egypt, Raymond, Badr City
• Rudyana Company Heliopolis
• The engineering company in the administrative capital
• Al-Saada Company in the administrative capital

Fourth: Commercial centers and malls

• Fathallah wholesale market in Alexandria
• Mall of Egypt in October
• Al Nada Mall in Sheikh Zayed
• Panda Mall, Nasr City

Fifthly: hotels

• Tolip Alexandria Hotel
• Tulip Al Sahel Hotel
• Helnan Palestine Hotel
• Movenpick Hotel Aswan

Sixth: restaurants

• Take House Restaurant in Sheikh Zayed
• Marina fish restaurant at Sunrise
• Marina Fish Restaurant Badr City
• Alex Restaurant

Seventh: sterilization and disinfection

• House sterilization
• Electoral schools sterilized
The parlament 2020
• Many apartments are sterilized
Villas and clinics
This is in addition to many housing units in new cities and villas, which the company has implemented under the supervision of a group of highly experienced consultant engineers..
To contact the Egyptian German Center for Insect Extermination, please call these numbers throughout the day and all days of the week, as the service is provided 24 hours.،
Cairo:0227028841-01009936353 Alexandria:035409164-01201004873 All provinces:0237637167-01117105752