Home sterilization

Relying on a specialized home sterilization company to secure your home against spreading diseases, and controlling the risk of transmission to your family, is a step that is sometimes necessary to meet the requirements of professional disinfection and sterilization, which include the following:

  • Imtilak possesses sufficient experience and training in dealing with various pollutants, especially biological pollutants, and the ability to protect oneself and others' praise the process of surface treatment and cleaning
  • Adherence to the correct rules during home sterilization operations, the most important of which is wearing clothes designed to cover the entire body, with medical respirators (respirators), and disposable gloves, in order to ensure your protection and the protection of your family.
  • Disinfection and treatment of cleaning equipment and tools before they are used to clean your home, and rely on some cleaning resources that are used only once, and they are disposed of, and the process of disinfection of cleaning tools may be done before moving from one room to another room cleaning.
  • The ability to access disinfectants classified as professional disinfectants with guaranteed efficacy - which may be difficult for homeowners to find, as well as practical training in the method of application, familiarity with the precautions and conditions of use set by the manufacturer, and the effect of disinfectants on various surfaces.
  • The level of quality in the completion of the work, the ability to widely circulate the disinfection process in your home, even those hard-to-reach areas, and the intensification of treatment for those areas that are used frequently.

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