Pest Control

A specialized company approved by the Ministry of Health and Population for pest control :-

Pest control of all kinds, bed bugs and elimination of the insect life cycle permanently, extermination of insects with the latest non-worrisome devices for comfort, elimination of fleas by fumigation and all stages of flea growth, spraying certified pesticides, controlling bed bugs that can be seen and which are difficult to see. We are a specialized pest control company with more than twenty years of experience.
Extermination of domestic bugs that come to us from places affected by this insect. Control cockroaches of all kinds, such as German cockroaches, American cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, brown striped cockroach or wood cockroach. Insect control companies have an important role in preserving the environment through the use of registered and approved pesticides in the Ministry of Health and Population and clarifying methods Prevention of re-infestation, extermination of bed bugs by fumigation and cold spray, treatment of bugs that are abundant in every part of the mattress in the place. We have specialists in controlling rodents with the latest scientific methods with an approved guarantee, eliminating ants of all kinds,
Get rid of termites and treat places that have been damaged due to their presence, extermination of insects in private and public facilities, control of insects and rodents in the home and garden, control of poisonous home insects, fleas, whether cat fleas, dogs, mice or animals, we have bugs and equipment specialized in eliminating bugs By our workers, and we as a spraying company have a scientific department, permanent research and development, and continuous training of workers to keep up with the latest science. Extermination of wood insects “wood mites” The elimination of small cockroaches in the kitchen, wood weevil, the best repellant to kill fleas ”the flea insect”.